Funeral services

Saying goodbye to a loving one should be a private, unique act where the memory of the deceased is honored and according to it’s religious beliefs…

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Benefit program

Death is perhaps one of the most difficult issues that human beings have to face, since it inevitably arrives and most of the time in the most unpredictable ways and moments making loved ones pass through…

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About us

We are a company founded with the ideal of providing a warm, comfortable, respectful and trustworthy service in moments in which the human being is vulnerable emotionally…

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Companies and Organizations We Support


Know the location of the companies that we support.

Our Services

In Grupo Funerario Santana we care to bring you the best quality, treat and considerations on our services; our purpose is that our associates service on the funerary services is discrete, comforting and more bearable. See more…

Veiling Ceremony

The veiling ceremony is a symbolic act that pays tribute to the deceased, extremely important for the family and loved ones. See more…


Cremation is an alternative to the inhumation of the remains of the deceased. It’s a process that takes around two hours with a special cremation chamber. This is a highly hygienic process allows family members to pay tribute in a unique way to their loving one. See more…


In Grupo Funerario Santana we have the technical and human equipment to carry out the transfer of the body of your loved one to the place where the funeral services will be carried out, inside of the country, as well as international transfers and to the rest of the world. See more…

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