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About us

We are a company founded with the ideal of providing a warm, comfortable, respectful and trustworthy service in moments in which the human being is vulnerable emotionally due to the loss of a loved one. With more than 35 years of experience and from the vision of Don Ramón Santana, cornerstone of our group, we can assure that our main concern is to facilitate a dignified and respectful treatment to each one of the people who request of our services to lighten the Difficult moment that they cross.

Our history

In the 1970s, Don Ramón Santana had a dream: to take his coffin-making company further and to dedicate himself to funeral services; Saw in the locality the need for a human, warm and accessible treatment, in which the people who suffered the loss felt comforted: as in Family. Thus the group Funerario Santana was born in Tecate Baja California, which has been cured throughout more than 30 years as one of the funeral companies of Northwest Mexico of more recognition due to its emphasis in the humanitarian work that they exert.



Stand firm as one of the most reliable companies in northwest Mexico in our industry; As well as expand our localities and services to different areas of the country and the South of the United States, preserving the quality of our service.


Provide a unique treatment, of excellence in which we stand out for our kindness, accessibility, confidence and compression before the difficult situation that they go through in the moment of losing a loved one.


At Grupo Funerario Santana we understand the transition stage that is lived when a loved one pass away, so that we respect their pain, since our purpose is to provide a complete service in which the loved ones can put their trust and let them know that our experience in the area is demonstrated through excellence in our treatment, service and facilities, always keeping in mind our commitment to help their families during this phase.

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