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Why is it important to have a prevision plan?

Death is perhaps one of the most difficult issues that human beings have to face, since it inevitably arrives and most of the time in the most unpredictable ways and moments making loved ones pass through procedures, expenses and worries to Cover funeral services which makes the loss suffered more difficult and often causes conflict between the relatives and can be a trigger of economic problems.

Grupo Funerario Santana, aware of all the factors involved in a person’s departure and what this can cause, offers various insurance programs in which the main objective is to safeguard the patrimony of our clients by giving them flexible plans as well as offering to the family the peace of mind that the services are covered in full. Our prevision programs aim to help our clients to provide tranquility and stability to their families, as we are not only protecting our economy, it is an act of love and responsibility towards the beings we love the most. Ask for our prevision plans designed to cover all your needs ensuring the peace of your family.


Grupo Funerario Santana is present in all the municipalities of the state, this makes us the biggest funeral group in the region and of greater trajectory.

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