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Saying goodbye to a loving one should be a private, unique act where the memory of the deceased is honored and according to it’s religious beliefs, every established rituals are complete to accompany this difficult process that the bereaved goes through; with the excellence of our services and the human, sensible treat that we provide, on Santana Funerary Group we want our customers to feel comporte and supported in those difficult moments.

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Services we offer

In Grupo Funerario Santana we care to bring you the best quality, treat and considerations on our services; our purpose is that our associates service on the funerary services is discrete, comforting and more bearable, making sure to cover every step so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Cremation is an alternative to the inhumation of the remains of the deceased. It’s a process that takes around two hours with a special cremation chamber. This is a highly hygienic process  allows family members to pay tribute in a unique way to their loving one.

In Grupo Funeraria Santana we respect every decision from our customers and we know how hard is to make them, that’s why we extend them an invite to talk to one of our associates to decide whats best for their loved ones.



An urn has as its job to protect the ashes resulting from the cremation of a person; Its design, material and functionality are extremely important so the remains of a loving one have dignified rest. In Grupo Funerario Santana we consider these characteristics as elementals to have an urn, so we recommend to the family that opt for the cremation Urn the more suitable according to their tastes and needs.



In Grupo Funerario Santana we have the technical and human equipment to carry out the transfer of the body of your loved one to the place where the funeral services will be carried out, inside of the country, as well as international transfers and to the rest of the world.


Veiling Ceremony

The veiling ceremony is a symbolic act that pays tribute to the deceased, extremely important for the family and loved ones.

At Grupo Funerario Santana we know the importance of this moment, which is why our wake rooms are distinguished by their comfort, cleanliness and sobriety, important elements in each of our branches throughout the state of Baja California; We invite you to know in detail each of our locations.



There are times when it is necessary to exhume the remains of the body of our loved one due to various circumstances, which can be done through special permits and after having complied with requirements established by law, we can perform such procedure according to family indications and needs.

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